Thursday, December 11, 2014

Language Update

Two weeks ago, I took a language evaluation over the phone with the Missionary Training Center. There are three levels of language learning in the MTC: Beginner, Immediate, and Advanced. Beginner and Immediate are both six-week programs, while Advanced is on a two-week track. Basically, you show up to the MTC and you aren't given much language instruction. They just teach you how to be a missionary in your designated language.

I called them this morning to find out my results, and I am overjoyed to find out that I will be in the Advanced class! While this usually changes your report date, mine will remain the same. I will still report to the Provo MTC on February 18th, 2015, but I will be there for two weeks. This means more time out in the field!

I cannot express how appreciative I am of my Heavenly Father and for His hand in my life. I know that the time I have spent learning Spanish was not a coincidence, but was, in reality, a direct guide from Him so that I would be more equipped to serve His sons and daughters in Georgia.

God bless,

(Future) Sister Abram

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Trying on mission clothes with my wonderful roommates mission tag! 


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