Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Miracles in the GNAM

Dear friends and family,

This week has been full of a lot of really spectacular miracles! I've

learned a lot and been able to see the hand of the Lord abundantly in
my life. I'll share a few of them with you:

1. Sunday morning, we received a call from Hermano Morales, who told
us that the sacrament meeting speakers cancelled last mingute, and
because the missionaries never say no, they called us to speak! I was
so excited, you guys. I have had so much on my mind recently, and I
loved the chance to speak so I was able to express some spiritual
insights I had. The miracle was being able to give the talk. It was
amazing to see the extreme difference from the assignment to talk in
May, and the assignment to talk in October. Same branch, same
responsibilities, totally different Sister Abram. I was so calm, no
anxiety. Whereas in May, I had a huge meltdown and panicked at the
idea. This time I was able to speak for 20 min in Spanish, with no
problems, and with the spirit.

2. We have been working really hard with less active members recently.
Two in particular have been wonderful to work with. Both are married
couples. We challenged them both to enter the temple in the beginning
of 2016 so they could have an eternal family. Both accepted, and we
are helping them make necessary changes to come back to church.

3. While Sis Ayala and I were knocking doors one night, we were
complaining about how we never have miracles when we knock doors like
the other missionaries have. Then we knocked on one door, and the
woman, China, happily let us in. We taught her about Joseph Smith and
the church, and then she happily accepted us back for tonight! She
said that she was waiting to go upstairs right before we came by
because she felt like she needed to do something more. Then she told
us that we were the reason why she stayed.

4. Last Monday night, we visited an investigator that we felt like we
had lost. But to our surprise, we ended up talking to her about
baptism and she happily accepted a date to be baptized. It was
wonderful and truly miraculous.

Truly, I've learned this week that the Lord is always with us. Even
when we don't feel Him. Obviously we don't see Him, but that's what
faith is: believing that He is supporting us, even when we don't feel
His support.

Estoy sumamente agradecida por este evangelio! Sé que, de verdad,

bendice a las familias porque permite que las familias sean eternas--
algo que no tenga ninguna otra iglesia. Y aunque no sepa todo, tengo
la fe que algún día, todo tendrá sentido y estaré en los brazos de mi
Salvador y de mi Padre. Tengo la fe que nuestro Señor siempre nos
apoya y siempre está pendiente de nosotros.

Con amor,
Hermana Abram

Sent from my heart

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Feliz lunes!!

This week has been full of tender mercies and miracles. I wish I could share all of them, but some are too personal, and there are so many that I will definitely forget to share all of them.  The biggest one was about our baptism. We have struggled a lot to have a baptism recently, and  someone finally committed to be baptized on November 7th. We were unbelievably excited. And then a few days later, when we asked her why she wanted to be baptized, she told us that she had actually changed her mind. And then we were heartbroken. 

So... The miracle is that a few days later, we stopped by the Luna's. Many of
you will remember that the Luna's are a very special family to me. I
have been working very hard with them. The last month, Hermana Luna
has made such a wonderful effort to set the example for daughters and
attend church every week. Now Jocelin,one of the daughters, will be
baptized on November 7th :)

This Sunday, we had 15 Less Active members at church. Three families
that we have been working with for so long. The Hernandez family, the
Luna family, and the Reyes family. Each of them have such a special
place in my heart. And I got to watch them all return to the House of
God for the day and remember Him and be comforted.

To be honest, when I was told that I would not be transferred from this area, I was extremely upset. I have been in this area for 8 months, and it becomes very challenging to continue forward without many changes. but on Sunday, I was humbled as I realized that Heavenly
Father simply wants to bless me. He blessed me to see these families begin to return to activity and compare it to when I first got here. Truly, all the time and stress and prayers and fasting and work were absolutely worth it. And in the end, staying here for (at least) 6transfers, hasn't been a sacrifice at all, but a beautiful blessing.

Another tender mercy is regarding exchanges. The Lord knows us, everyone! I am constantly in awe as I realize that every time I go on an exchange with a sister, she is facing a problem that I have
recently gone through. She is facing something challenging and needs a friend. And I can be that friend for her because I have been there before. I can testify of the Savior to her and together we can face the challenge. This gives meaning to my trials and challenges.

I realized this week that serving the Lord with your whole heart,might, mind, and strength includes letting go of results. We need to serve "with no thought of reward." This means that if you spend all day trying to share the gospel, and no one hears you, it does not mean that you failed. You don't think about that. You don't think about the results. You think about the Savior, and you have so much joy because you know He is your companion in this work. You have joy because you focus on His sacrifice and His love. And then the results don't really matter.

Hermana Abram

Sent from my heart

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

This Week in the GNAM

Hello all!

It seems like this week was very successful! We were immensely blessed with a member referral and we began teaching the whole family. We taught them The Restoration and invited them to baptism, which the mother and children accepted. But it was amazing to see that after months of praying and working to teach a family, Heavenly Father
finally put one in our path.

On Monday we were practicing how to give church tours. As we were finishing up, we saw a woman standing outside, so we opened the door for her. It turns out that she was not a member and was looking for the a Family History Center. We gladly showed her the FHC and then we offered to give her a tour of the church!  Not only were we able to practice, but she really enjoyed it. She truly did not know that we believed in Jesus Christ, and she told us things like, "Now, you all have changed some of your beliefs because I don't think you believed in Jesus Christ fifty years ago." It was a huge blessing because she seemed much more open to the Church and the Gospel, and she was very appreciative to understand more of who we are.

On Saturday, we began trying to work in Marietta. There hasn't been a lot of work down there, so we are starting from scratch! We caught a ride down there from other missionaries and we had no car! It was actually really not productive for us because we only encountered Brazilians. But Sis Ayala and I were walking around pretending to speak Portuguese. Turns out the only thing we know how to say is "Temos uma mensagem sobre Jesus Cristo para compartiliar com voces" and I think all of that is actually wrong. Everyone said yes to a return appointment, it was wonderful! But at one point we asked the Portuguese Elders to come show us where a referral was. When they did, they ended up finding and teaching a family on the way back to their car. So it was really cool to see how the Lord helped people find the gospel through us!

Love you all so much :) The gospel is true and being a missionary is the best.

Sister Abram

Sent from my heart

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Always remember Him, that they might have His spirit to be with them

Buenas tardes mi gente!

Life in the GANM is going well. There are so many people here to talk to and so much to do! We spent the majority of the week informing the world about the upcoming general conference where we would hear from the Prophet! It was so fun to testify about the Lord and His mouthpiece.

I learned a lot from General Conference, and I had my questions answered, which was wonderful. I think the biggest thing I learned was about the spirit-- I've been struggling to really feel the spirit, especially in challenging times. 

As members of the Church of Jesus Christ, we are promised that as we keep our promises, attend church, and partake of the sacrament (bread and water) each week, we will have the company of the Holy Ghost. And included in the prayer for the sacrament is the reminder that we must do our part to remember Him.

Ive always thought of this in regards to worship, but as I listened to the prophet and apostles of the Lord, it was confirmed to me that in times of trial and challenge, difficulty and fear, we need only remember our Savior and focus our minds on Him. By doing so, we will be filled with an indescribable joy that cannot be felt from any other source. 

It was also confirmed to me that as we attend church regularly and keep the Sabbath day holy, we can and will be forgiven of our sins. 

Missionary work is the best! Whenever you face a trial, think of the Savior, and you will find peace and healing every time :) 

I love you all so much! Thank your for your great examples and your support. 

Funny story: this week we were coming home from Mission Leadership Council and the elders were trying to race us. We took a left hand turn and a police car flipped on its lights and drove behind us as we kept driving. Finally I pulled over, and he kept going. SO the funny part about all this is that the elders thought we got pulled over. So we totally rolled with it and ended up convincing them that I had been pulled over, given a ticket, and taken away. Long story short, we ended up beating them to the church and had a good laugh.

Con amor, 

Hermana Abram 

P.s. We adopted a piñata named Esteban Julio Ricardo Sibanakoliso Jo Shaqueeta. You can see him from pictures sent earlier.