Fourteen Day Walk With Christ (Version 2)

Originally from the Madison Georgia Branch Youth Blogspot page 

(Some of these days are geared towards 12-18 years old. Feel free to change accordingly)

Day One

Read: Through the Years

When I was new in my mother's womb,You knew and loved me.
Before she knew of me,You loved me so.
When I first came in sight,You stayed with me.
When I was first held,You held me, too.
When I first learned to talk, First learned to walk.
You were there with me,You helped me through.
When I first read Your word,You knew me.
When I first learned of You,You knew me more.
Now I know You some,You still know me more.
I still learn of You,You teach me more.

---Jessica Samuelson

Questions to ponder?

· What do I think of members of the Godhead?
· How do I see myself as a son/daughter of God, member of God's family, brother/sister to Jesus Christ?
· How will understanding my place in the Kingdom and my relationship to my Elder Brother help me to 
live a more Christ like life?

Scriptures to read

D&C 76:23, Mormon 7:7, Article of Faith #1

Day Two

One goal that most of us share in this life is the desire to achieve true joy and lasting happiness. There is only one way to do this, and that is by being obedient to all the commandments of God..."When the Lord commands do it" was a rule in the life of the first prophet of this dispensation. May that be the motto and practice of each of us.
-- Delbert L. Stapley, Ensign Nov. 1977 Pg. 64

Read: The Snake
The Snake

A young boy was trudging along a mountain path, trying to reach his grandmother's house. It was bitter cold and wind cut like a knife. When he was within sight of his destination, he heard a rustle at his feet. Looking down, he saw a snake. Before he could move, the snake spoke to him. He said, "I'm about to die. It is too cold for me up here, and I am freezing. There is no food in these mountains, and I am starving. Please put me under your coat and take me with you." "No," replied the boy. If I pick you up, you will bite me, and your bite is poisonous." "No, no." said the snake. "If you help me you will be my best friend, I will treat you differently."

The little boy sat down on a rock for a moment to rest and think things over. He looked at the beautiful markings on the snake and had to admit that it was the most beautiful snake he had ever seen. Suddenly, he said, "I believe you, I will save you. All living things deserve to be treated with kindness." The little boy reached over, put the snake gently under his coat and proceeded toward his grandmother's house.

Within a moment, he felt a sharp pain in his side. The snake had bitten him. "How could you do this to me?" He cried, "You promised that you would not bite me if I would protect you from the bitter cold?"The snake hissed, "You knew what I was when you picked me up," and slithered away.

Questions to ponder:
· How can I follow in Christ's steps today?
· In all my decisions today I will ask, what would Christ do?
· I will hearken to promptings received.
· I will think of myself as a disciple and sister of Jesus.

Scriptures to read: 1 Peter 2:21, Abraham 1:2, Moroni 7:48

Day Three

Sincere prayer is the heart of a happy and productive life. Prayer strengthens faith. Prayer is the preparation for miracles. Prayer opens the door to eternal happiness. ~H. Burke Peterson, Ensign. Jan. 1974 p. 19

Read: Dear Friend

Dear Friend,

I just had to send you a note to tell you how much I love you and care about you.
I saw you yesterday as you were walking with your friends. I waited all day hoping you would want to talk with me also. It hurt me, but I still love you because I am your friend.
I saw you fall asleep last night, and I longed to touch your brow. So I spilled moonlight on your pillow and your face. Again I waited, wanting you to kneel down so that we could talk. I have so many gifts for you, but you awakened late the next day and rushed off to school. My tears were in the rain.
Today you look sad, so alone. It makes my heart ache because I understand. My friends let me down and hurt me so many times too. But, I love you. Oh, if you would only listen to me. I really love you. I try to tell you in the blue sky and in the green grass. I whisper in the leaves on the trees, and breathe it in the color of the flowers. I shout it to you in the mountain streams and give the birds love songs to sing, clothe you in warm sunshine and perfume the air with nature scents. My love for you is deeper than the oceans and bigger than the biggest want or need in your heart.
If you only knew how much I want to help you. I want you to meet my Father. He wants to help you too. My Father is that way, you know. Just call me, ask me, talk with me. Please, please don't forget me. I have so much to share with you. But, I won't hassle you any further. You are free to call me. It's up to you. I'll wait because I love you.

Your Brother, Jesus

Questions to ponder:

· Am I seeking Christ's help in all that I think or do?
· Do I pray enough?
· Do I pray with integrity?
· Am I cutting myself off from vital nourishment?

Scriptures to read: Proverbs 3:5-6, II Corinthians 12:9-10, Jacob 4:7, Ether 12:27

Day Four

Fear thou not; for I am with thee; be not dismayed; for I am thy God; I will strengthen thee; yea, I will help thee; yea I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness. -- Isaiah 41:10

Read: Satan's Convention

Satan called a worldwide convention. In his opening address to his evil angels, he said, "We can't keep the Christians from going to church." "We can't keep them from reading their Bibles and knowing the truth" "We can't even keep them from conservative values." "But we can do something else. We can keep them from forming an intimate, abiding experience with Christ. If they gain that connection with Jesus, our power over them is broken. So let them go to church, let them have their conservative lifestyles, but steal their time, so they can't gain that experience in Jesus Christ. This is what I want you to do angels. Distract them from gaining hold of their Savior and maintaining that vital connection throughout their day!""How shall we do this? shouted the angels" "Keep them busy in the non-essentials of life and invent unnumbered shams to occupy their minds," he answered. "Tempt them to spend, spend, spend, then borrow, borrow, borrow. Convince the wives to go to work and the husbands to work six or seven days a week, 10-12 hours a day, so they can afford their lifestyles. Keep them from spending time with their children. As their family fragments, soon, their homes will offer no escape from the pressures of work. Over stimulate their minds so they cannot hear that still small voice.
Entice them to play the radio or cassette player whenever they drive, to keep the TV, the VCR, and their CD's going constantly in their homes. And see to it that every store and restaurant in the world plays music constantly. This will jam their minds and break that union with Christ." "Fill their coffee tables with magazines and newspapers. Pound their minds with the news 24 hours a day. Invade any other moments with order catalogs, every kind of newsletter and promotional offerings, free products, services and false hopes." "Even in their recreation, let them be excessive. Have them return from their recreation exhausted and unprepared for the coming week. Don't let them go out in nature. Send them to amusement parks, sporting events, and concerts instead." "And when they meet for spiritual fellowship, involve them in gossip and small talk so that they leave with troubled consciences and unsettled emotion."
"Let them be involved in soul-winning. But crowd their lives with so many good causes that they have no time to seek the power from Christ. Soon they will be working in their own strength, sacrificing their health and family unity for the good of the cause."
It was quite a convention in the end. And all the evil angels went eagerly to their assignments causing Christians everywhere to get busy, busy, busy and rush here and there. Has the devil been successful at his scheme? You be the judge.

Questions to ponder:
· From whom do I get my strength?
· Am I too busy, hurried and involved with worldly matters that I neglect what is really important?

Scriptures to read: : John 15

Day Five

Read: The Room

In that place between wakefulness and dreams, I found myself in the room. There were no features except for the one wall covered by small index card files. These files stretched from floor to ceiling and went endlessly in both directions. As I drew near the wall of files, the first to catch my attention was one that read, "People I Have Liked" I opened it and began flipping through the cards. I quickly shut it, shocked to realize that I recognized the names on each one. I then realized where I was. This lifeless room with its small files was a crude catalog system of my life. Here were written the actions of my every moment, big and small, in every detail. A sense of wonder and curiosity mixed with horror stirred within me as I began opening files and looking at their contents. Some brought joy and sweet memories, others a sense of shame and regret so intense that I looked over my shoulder to see if anyone was watching. A file named, "Friends" was next to the one marked, "Friends I Have Betrayed." The titles ranged from the mundane to the weird. "Books I Have Read," "Lies I have told," "Comfort I have given," "Jokes I have laughed At," "People I have hurt." Some were almost funny in their exactness. "Things I Have Done in Anger," "Things I have Muttered Under My Breath at My Parents." Often there were many more cards than I expected. Sometimes, fewer than I had hoped. I was overwhelmed by the volume of life I had lived. Could it be possible that I had the time in my young life to write each of these thousands or millions of cards? But each card confirmed this truth, each was written in my own handwriting. Each signed with my signature.
When I pulled out the file marked, "Songs I Have Listened To," I realized the files grew to contain the contents. The cards were packed tightly, yet after two or three yards I hadn't found the end of the file. I shut it, shamed, not so much of the quality music, but more by the amount of time I knew it represented. When I came to a file marked, "Lustful Thoughts," I felt a chill run through my body. I pulled the file out inch by inch, not willing to test its size, and drew out a card. I shuddered at the details. I felt sick to think that such a moment had been recorded. A rage broke through me. "No one must see these cards. Not one must ever see this room. I have to destroy them." In a frenzy I yanked the file out. Its size didn't matter now.
I had to empty it and burn the cards. I took it out and pounded it on the floor. Not a single card would come out. I desperately pulled out a card and tried to rip it, but it was as strong as steel. Leaning my forehead against the wall, I let out a sigh, then I saw it. The title, "People I Have Shared the Gospel With." The handles were brighter than those around it, newer, almost unused. I pulled on its handle and a small box fell into my hands. I could count the cards it contained on one hand.
And then the tears came. I began to cry. Sobbing so deep it hurt my stomach. I fell on my knees and cried out in shame. The rows of shelves whirled around me. No one must ever know of this room. I must lock it up and hide the key. But as I pushed away the tears, I saw Him. No, please, not here. Oh, anyone but Jesus! I watched helplessly as He began to open the files and read the cards. I couldn't bear to watch His response. In the moments that I could bring myself to look at His face, I saw sorrow deeper than my own. He seemed to go to the worst boxes. Why did He have to read everyone? Finally He turned and looked at me with pity in His eyes. But this wasn't a pity that angered me. I dropped my head and began to cry again. But He didn't say a word. He just cried with me. Then He got up and walked back to the wall of files. Starting at one end of the room, he took out a card and one by one He began to sign His name over mine. "NO!" I shouted, rushing at Him. All I could find to say was, "NO, NO," as I pulled the card form Him.
His name shouldn't be on those cards. But there it was, written in red so rich, so dark, so alive. The name JESUS covered mine. It was written with His blood. He gently took the cards back. He smiled a sad smile and began to sign all the cards. I do not think I will ever understand how he did it so quickly. But the next instance it seemed, I heard Him close the last file and walk back to my side. He placed His hand on my shoulder and said, "It is finished." I stood up and He led me out of the room. There was no lock on the door. There are still cards to be written.

Questions to ponder:
  • Wherein lies the power of Christ?
  • Do I understand what Christ did for me?
  • Do I comprehend the great love He has for me?
  • How can I put myself in a position to have the atonement cover my sins?

Scriptures to read: D & C 19:15-24, Mosiah 3:5, Mosiah 4:2-3, Mosiah 5:7-9

Day Six

Young Men read: The Emporer's Seed

Once there was an emperor in the Far East who was growing old and knew it was coming time to choose his successor. Instead of choosing one of his assistants or one of his own children, he decided to do something different. He called all the young people in the kingdom together one day. He said, "It has come time for me to step down and to choose the next emperor. I have decided to choose one of you." The kids were shocked! But the emperor continued. "I am going to give each one of you a seed today. One seed. It is a very special seed. I want you to go home, plant the seed, water it and come back here one year from today with what you have grown from this one seed. I will then judge the plants that you bring to me, and the one I choose will be the next emperor of the kingdom!"
There was one boy named Ling who was there that day and he, like the others, received a seed. He went home and excitedly told his mother the whole story. She helped him get a pot and some planting soil, and he planted the seed and watered it carefully. Every day he would water it and watch to see if it had grown. After about three weeks, some of the other youths began to talk about their seeds and the plants that were beginning to grow. Ling kept going home and checking his seed, but nothing ever grew. Three weeks, four weeks, five weeks went by. Still nothing.
By now others were talking about their plants but Ling didn't have a plant, and he felt like a failure. Six months went by, still nothing in Ling's pot. He just knew he had killed his seed. Everyone else had trees and tall plants, but he had nothing. Ling didn't say anything to his friends, however. He just kept waiting for his seed to grow. A year finally went by and all the youths of the kingdom brought their plants to the emperor for inspection. Ling told his mother that he wasn't going to take an empty pot. But she encouraged him to go, and to take his pot, and to be honest about what happened. Ling felt sick to his stomach, but he knew his mother was right. He took his empty pot to the palace.
When Ling arrived, he was amazed at the variety of plants grown by all the other youths. They were beautiful, in all shapes and sizes. Ling put his empty pot on the floor and many of the other kinds laughed at him. A few felt sorry for him and just said, "Hey nice try." When the emperor arrived, he surveyed the room and greeted the young people. Ling just tried to hide in the back. "My, what great plants, trees and flowers you have grown," said the emperor. "Today, one of you will be appointed the next emperor!"
All of a sudden, the emperor spotted Ling at the back of the room with his empty pot. He ordered his guards to bring him to the front. Ling was terrified. "The emperor knows I'm a failure! Maybe he will have me killed!" When Ling got to the front, the Emperor asked his name. "My name is Ling," he replied. All the kids were laughing and making fun of him. The emperor asked everyone to quiet down. He looked at Ling, and then announced to the crowd, "Behold your new emperor! His name is Ling!" Ling couldn't believe it. Ling couldn't even grow his seed. How could he be the new emperor?
Then the emperor said, "One year ago today, I gave everyone here a seed. I told you to take the seed, plant it, water it, and bring it back to me today. But I gave you all boiled seeds which would not grow. All of you, except Ling, have brought me trees and plants and flowers. When you found that the seed would not grow, you substituted another seed for the one I gave you. Ling was the only one with the courage and honesty to bring me a pot with my seed in it. Therefore, he is the one who will be the new emperor!"

Young Women read: The Swimsuit

Morning…yuck! Even though there were only a few more days of school left, it sure was hard getting there. The weather had been great all week, and besides the only thing going on a school was graduation practice. It wasn't just me, either. All of my senior friends had a bad case of "Senioritis." We really were struggling those last few days.
At school my friends devised a play. "After lunch lets all go over to the outdoor pool and catch some sun," they chimed in. "We're not doing anything in class anyway," they agreed. What they said made sense, and after all, we had already turned in our books in English anyway. When the bell rang for lunch we all went and jumped in my car. As I waited in the car while they each went in to get their suits, I wondered to myself, "Why am I doing this?" But then I concluded what could it hurt? School was almost out for the year anyway. We pulled up to my house and I quickly ran inside to get my suit. I reached into my drawer and pulled out my light lavender swimsuit.
"Lavender…Purple…Integrity," I said to myself. How could I slough school and go down to the pool wearing this swimsuit? All the things I had been taught in my mutual came back slamming me in the face. Right then I knew I couldn't do it. I turned to my friends who were waiting impatiently for me. "Listen you guys, I can't go swimming right now," I told my friends. "If you want to wait till after school I'd love to go, but right now I can't." My lavender swimsuit reminded me of how I should act at all times, and in all things, and in all places.

Questions to ponder:
· How do I control my physical passions?
· Can I set a righteous example for others which will help me control my passions better?
· How can I let my light shine?

Scriptures to read: Matthew 5

Day Seven

Read: Myself

I have to live with myself, and so---
I want to be fit for myself to know.
I want to be able as the days go by
Always to look myself straight in the eye.
I don't want to stand with the setting sun
And hate myself for the things I've done.
I don't want to keep on a closet shelf
A lot of secrets about myself---
And fool myself as I come and go
Into thinking that nobody else will know,
The kind of man (or woman) I really am.
I don't want to dress myself in shame.
I want to go out with my head erect;
I want to deserve all men's respect.
And, here in the struggle for fame and pelf
I want to be able to like myself.
I don't want to think, as I come and go
That I am bluster and bluff and empty show.
I can never hide myself from me
I see what others may never see;
I know what others may never know
I can never fool myself!And so---
Whatever happens I want to be
Self respecting and conscience free!!!

---EA Guest

Questions to ponder:

· How can I improve my thoughts?
· Do I really want to keep all idle, unclean or negative thoughts out of my mind?
· Do my thoughts affect my attitude?
· Am I fit for myself to know?

Scriptures to read: D & C 6:16, Alma 37:35-37, D & C 121:45-46

Day Eight

Thou shalt not go up and down as a talebearer among thy people: neither shalt thou stand against the blood of thy neighbour: I am the Lord. --Leviticus 19:16

Read: Words and Goose Downs

A peasant with a troubled conscience went to a monk for advice. He said he had circulated a vile story about a friend, only to find that the story was not true.
“If you would make peace with your conscience,” said the monk, “you must first fill a bag with goose downs, go to every door in the village, and drop at each one of them a feather.”
The peasant did as he was told. Then he came back to the monk and said he had done penance for his folly. “Not yet, “replied the monk. “Take a bag, go two rounds again, and gather up every down that you dropped.”
“But the wind must have blown them all away,” said the peasant. “Yes, my son” said the monk. “And so it is with your vile words. Words and goose downs are quickly dropped, but try as hard as you will, you can never get them back.

Questions to ponder:
· How do I guard my speech?
· I will speak only kind, uplifting words to everyone I talk to.
· I will not criticize, gossip, nor speak ill of others.

Scriptures to read: D&C 88:121, 3 Nephi 12:33-37, Matthew 5:11

Day Nine

Read: Making a Difference

One day a man was walking along the beach when he noticed a figure in the distance. As he got close, he realized the figure was that of a boy picking something up and gently throwing it into the ocean. Approaching the boy, he asked, “What are you doing?” The youth replied, “Throwing the starfish in the ocean. The sun is up and the tide is going on. If I don’t throw them in, they’ll die.” “Son, “ the man said, “don’t you realize there are miles and miles of beach and hundreds of starfish? You can’t possibly make a difference!” After listening politely, the boy bent down, picked up another starfish, and threw it into the surf. Then, smiling at the man, he said, “I made a difference for that one.”

Questions to ponder:
· How do I guard against pride?
· Am I proud?
· Do I do the right things for the right reasons?
· Do I make a difference?

Scriptures to read: Proverbs 6:16-17, Proverbs 8:13, Alma 5:28, D&C 38:39

Day Ten

Read: His Imagine in Your Countenance

With no apparent beauty that man should Him desire, He was the promised Savior to purify with fire. The world despised His plainness, but those who followed Him. Found love and light and purity; a beauty from within.

Have you received His image in your countenance? Does the Light of Christ shine in your eyes? Will he know you when He comes again because you will be like him? When He sees you will the Father know His child?We seek for light and learning as followers of Christ. That all may see His goodness reflected in our lives. When we receive His fullness and lose desire for sin, We radiate His perfect love, a beauty from within.

The ways of man may tempt us and some will be deceived, preferring worldly beauty, forgetting truth received. But whisperings of the Spirit remind us once again, That lasting beauty, pure and clear, must come from deep within.

By His everlasting image in your eyes?

Questions to ponder:
· How is the Lord My Light?
· In the last ten days have I tried to make decisions on teaching contained in these lesson?
· What would Jesus do if He were here?
· What have I improved upon?

Scriptures to read: Helaman 5:12, 1 Peter 2:21, D & C 84:43-47

Day Eleven

To serve others willingly and unselfishly should be one of our greatest virtues. It is not even a matter of choice. It is an obligation, a sacred command...Therefore, let us serve one another with brotherly love, never tiring of the demands upon us, being patient and persevering and generous.

Read: His Hands
His Hands

His Hands tools of creation, Stronger than nations
Power without end, And yet through them We find our truest Friend

His Hands Sermons of kindness Healing men's blindness
Halting years of pain, children waiting To be held again

His Hand would serve His whole life though
Showing man what hands might do, Giving, ever giving endlessly

Each day was filled with selflessness, And I'll not rest
Til I make my hands what they could be, Like the ones from Galilee

His Hands Warming a beggar, Lifting a leper
Calling back the dead, Breaking bread Five thousand fed

His hands Hushing contention, Pointing to Heaven Ever free of sin
Then bidding man to follow Him

They take His hands, His mighty hands
Those gentle hands and then they pierce them
They pierce them, He lets them because of love

From birth to death was selflessness and clearly now
I see Him with His hands calling to me
and though I'm not yet how I could be,
I will make My hands like those from Galilee
Questions to ponder:
· How does the Lord want me to serve?
· Is the Lord first in my life?
· What am I doing to build up the Lord and His Kingdom?
· How do I really feel about the service I give others?
· Does serving the Lord make me happy?
Scriptures to Read: D & C 4, Moroni 7:5-8

Day Twelve

Object lesson:

Blindfold a family member. Have another family member stand by the door. Turn the blindfolded person around several times. Ask him to point to the door. Then have the blindfolded person put his hands at his side. Now, have the other person softly say, "The door is over here." Have the blindfolded person point in the direction of the voice. Liken this to the Holy Ghost. In this life sometimes we feel as thought we have been blindfolded and spun around until we are no longer sure which way is which. That is when we must listen even more carefully to the still small voice of the spirit. The Holy Ghost will always tell us which is the best and safest direction we can go.

Questions to ponder:
· How can the Holy Ghost help me become more like Christ?
· Is it important to know the truth?
· Do I really desire the Holy Ghost to be my constant companion? Live so that those who 
know you, but don't know Him, will want to know Him.

Scriptures to read: 3 Nephi 27:20, D&C 11;12, D& C 46:11-26, D&C 8:12, Moroni 10:4, D&C 121:45-46, John 14:16-17, John 14:26

Day Thirteen

Read: Teen Commandments

1. Don't let your parents down - they brought you up.
2. Choose your friends with care - you become what they are.
3. Be master of your habits - or they will master you.
4. Treasure your time - don't spend it, invest it.
5. Stand for something - or you'll fall for anything.
6. Select only a date that will make a good mate.
7. See what you can do for others - not what they can do for you.
8. Guard your thoughts. What you think - you are.
9. Don't fill up on this world's crumbs. Feed your soul on living bread.
10. Give your all to Christ - He gave His all to you.

Young Men read: The Painting

Once there was a Father and son who were very close and enjoyed adding valuable art pieces to their collection. Priceless works by Picasso, Van Gogh, Monet and many others adorned the walls of the family estate. The widowed, elder man looked on with satisfaction as his only child became an experienced art collector. The son's trained eye and sharp business mind caused his father to beam with pride as they dealt with art collectors around the world.
As winter approached, war engulfed the nation, and the young man left to serve his country. After only a few short weeks, his father received a telegram. His beloved son was missing in action. The art collector anxiously awaited more news, fearing he would never see his son again. Within days, his fears were confirmed. The young man had died while rushing a fellow soldier to a medic. Distraught and lonely, the old man faced the upcoming Christmas holiday with anguish and sadness. The joy of the season, a season that he and his son had so looked forward to, would visit his house no longer.
On Christmas morning, a knock on the door awakened the depressed old man. As he walked to the door, the masterpieces of art on the walls only reminded him that his son was not coming home. As he opened the door, he was greeted by a soldier with a large package in his hand. He introduced himself to the man by saying, "I was a friend of your son. I was the one he was rescuing when he died. May I come in for a few moments? I have something to show you." As the two began to talk, the solider told of how the man's son had told everyone of his, not to mention his father's, love of fine art. "I'm an artist," said the soldier, "and I want to give you this."
As the old man unwrapped the package, the paper gave way to reveal a portrait of the man's son. Though the world would never consider it the work of a genius, the painting featured the young man's face in striking detail. Overcome with emotion, the man thanked the soldier, promising to hang the picture above the fireplace. A few hours later, after the soldier had departed, the old man set about his task. True to his word, the painting went above the fireplace, pushing aside thousands of dollars of paintings. And then the man sat in his chair and spent Christmas gazing at the gift he had been given. 
During the days and weeks that followed, the man realized that even though his son was no longer with him, the boy's life would live on because of those he had touched. He would soon learn that his son had rescued dozens of wounded soldiers before a bullet stilled his caring heart. As the stories of his son's gallantry continued to reach him, fatherly pride and satisfaction began to ease the grief. The painting of his son soon became his most prized possession, far eclipsing any interest in the pieces for which museums around the world clamored. He told his neighbors it was the greatest gift he had ever received.
The following spring, the old man became ill and passed away. The art world was in anticipation! Unmindful of the story of the man's only son, but in his honor; those paintings would be sold at an auction. According to the will of the old man, all of the art works would be auctioned on Christmas day, the day he had received his greatest gift. The day soon arrived and art collectors from around the world gathered to bid on some of the world's most spectacular paintings. Dreams would be fulfilled this day; greatness would be achieved as many would claim, "I have the greatest collection."
The auction began with a painting that was not on any museum's list. It was the painting of the man's son. The auctioneer asked for an opening bid. The room was silent. "Who will open the bidding with $100?" he asked. Minutes passed. No one spoke. From the back of the room came, "Who cares about that painting? It's just a picture of his son. Let's forget it and go on to the good stuff." More voices echoed in agreement. "No, we have to sell this one first," replied the auctioneer. "Now, who will take the son?"
Finally, a friend of the old man spoke. "Will you take ten dollars for the painting? That's all I have. I knew the boy, so I'd like to have it. I have ten dollars." "Will anyone go higher?" called the auctioneer. After more silence, the auctioneer said, "Going once, going twice. Gone." The gavel fell. Cheers filled the room and someone exclaimed, "Now we can get on with it and we can bid on these treasures!"
The auctioneer looked at the audience and announced the auction was over. Stunned disbelief quieted the room. Someone spoke up and asked, "What do you mean it's over? We didn't come here for a picture of some old guy's son. What about all of these paintings? There are millions of dollars of art here! I demand that you explain what's going on here!" The auctioneer replied, "It's very simple. According to the will of the father, whoever takes the son . . . gets it all."

Young Women read: Jenny's Pearls

Jenny was a bright-eyed pretty five year old girl. One day when she and her mum was checking out at the grocery store, Jenny saw a plastic pearl necklace priced at $5. How she loved those pearls. When she asked her mum if she could buy it for her, her mum said "well, it cost an awful lot of money. I'll tell you what, when we get home we can do a list of chores to help you pay for the necklace. And don't forget next weekend when grandma comes to visit she might give you a dollar coin, too." Jenny agreed and her mum bought her the plastic pearl necklace.
How she loved her pearl necklace. She wore them everywhere, at kindergarten, to bed, and even when she do an errand with her mum. The only time she doesn't wear them is when she takes a shower, because her mother told her it would turn her neck green.
Jenny have a loving father. Every night he would Jenny her favourite story. One night after reading Jenny her favourite story, he asked her "Jenny, do you love me?" "Oh yes daddy, you know I love you" Jenny replied. He said "Well then, give me your pearls." "Oh no, not my pearls." Jenny answered. "But you can have Rosie, my favourite doll. Remember her? You gave her to me for my birthday. You can have Rosie if you want to, daddy." she added. "That's okay darling." Her father replied. He brushed her cheeks with a kiss good night "Sweet dreams little one."A few days later after her story, her father asked Jenny again "Jenny, do you love me?" "Oh yes daddy, you know I love you." Jenny replied. Her father said "well then, give me your pearls." " Oh no daddy, not my pearls. But you have Robin, my toy horse. Her hair is so soft, and you can play and braid it and everything. You can have Robin if you want her daddy." Jenny replied. "That's okay darling." Her father brushed her cheeks with a kiss "Goodnight little one, God bless."A week later, when her father went to Jenny's room to read her favourite story, Jenny's lips were trembling. She held out her hand and there was her beloved pearl necklace. Her father took the necklace on one hand, and on the other slip out from his pocket a velvet blue box. Inside were real genuine pearl necklace. He had had them all along, he was just waiting for Jenny to give up her cheap necklace.
So it is with our Father in Heaven, He want to bless us with real treasures in life. We need to think what we hold on to in our lives and ponder what God might give us in their place.

Questions to ponder:
· Do I really love Christ?
· Do I keep ALL the commandments?
· Have I put another God before Christ?

Scriptures to read: John 13:34-35, John 14:15,3, 3 Nephi 13:20-21,24, 33

Day Fourteen

Read: The Touch of the Master's Hand

'Twas battered and scarred, and the auctioneer thought it scarcely worth his while
To waste his time on the old violin, But he held it up with a smile.
"What am I bid, good friends?" He cried. "Who'll start the bidding for me?
One dollar! Only one? And who will make it two? Two dollars, once. And Three!
Three dollars, once. And three dollars, twice. And going, and going," but no…
From the back of the room a gray-haired man Came forward and picked up the bow.
And wiping the dust from the old violin, and tightening the loose strings,
He played a melody pure and sweet as caroling angels sing.
The music ceased, and the auctioneer with a voice that was quiet and low,
Said, "What am I bid for the old violin?" As he held up the bow.
"One thousand dollars, and who'll make it two? Two thousand dollars, And three!
Three thousand, once. And three thousand, twice.And going, and going, and gone!" said he.
The people cheered, but some of them cried, "We don't quite
Understand what changed its worth." Swift came the reply.
"'Twas the touch of the master's hand.'"
And many a man with life out of tune and battered and scarred with sin,
Is auctioned cheap to the thoughtless crowd, Much like this old violin.
A mess of pottage, a glass of wine. A game and he travels on.
He's going once, and going twice. And going, and almost gone.
But the Master comes, and the foolish crowd Never can quite understand
The worth of a soul, and the change that is wrought By the touch of the Master's hand.

Questions to ponder:
· What is the pure love of Christ?
· These past 14 days have I felt a greater love for my Savior?
· Have I felt His love?
· Can I commit myself to live each day as He would?

Scriptures to read: Moroni 7:40-48


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