Thursday, November 5, 2015

Lessons From Liberty Jail

¡Feliz día de los muertos!

This week has been really awesome and I'm not sure why :) blessings of
the mission!

Halloween was this week and we were supposed to be inside after 5pm,
so we decided to leave out a bowl of candy for the tick or treaters.
But! We were smart and left the candy taped to cards ;)
unfortunately, not many people came to knock on the door. SO LAME. but
we had a good laugh :)

We got to go to the branch Halloween party, which was fun, but we
couldn't stay for too long because my companion was sick all week. She
had strep throat, so Sis Abram will probably be sick as well this week

I have gained a super strong testimony about Joseph Smith this week. I
have heard a lot of bad opinions because we sing a song called Praise
to the Man in his memory. And I used to be a little hesitant to talk
about it, but this week, I realized that we shouldn't be apologetic
for appreciating all he did. Honestly, he sacrificed so much and gave
so much. He suffered so much and he was constantly trying to do the
Lords will. I think we sometimes are overly apologetic as members of
the church when we face questions or oppositions. But truly, I
appreciate him so much.

I was reading a talk this week from Elder Holland called "Lessons from
Liberty Jail." He addresses all that we can learn from Joseph Smiths
prison experience. He explained, "you can have sacred, revelatory,
profoundly instructive experiences with the Lord in any situation you
are in. Indeed, you can have sacred, revelatory, profoundly
instructive experiences with the Lord in the most miserable
experiences of your life....the real test of our faith and our
Christian discipleship is when things are not going smoothly. That is
when we get to see what we’re made of and how strong our commitment to
the gospel really is."

It is so true that we are tested during the most challenging points of
our life. And somehow, the Savior can carry us through it all and He
can and does support us through our trials. We are not alone, and we
will always be supported by the Lord as we follow Him and continue on
our path to discipleship.

I love you all so much! Have a wonderful week, and don't forget to pray! ;)

Love, Sister Abram

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