Monday, May 18, 2015

"It's easier to find yourself because there is so much more of you to find" - E. Bednar

Buenas Tardes!

I have had a crazy week, including a new haircut, 30 mosquito (we think) bites, and a new apartment!

We moved this week and our new address is 1311 Chattahoochee Cir, Roswell, GA, 30075.

WOW! This week I saw a lot of tender mercies.

I was assigned to give a 20 minute talk in my branch this week. I was so scared. I don't have time to type a 20 minute talk, so I had to somehow talk for that period of time in a language that I am still learning. Honestly, I cried all night and I prayed for a very long time. And guess what? I did it. I talked in church in a language I still can't really understand and I didn't die! It was a tender mercy to me because I saw how the Lord really will provide the way, even if you make mistakes and say a lot of really wrong words :)

This week, we also visited the Hernandez Flor family. They haven't been to church in over 3 years, and no missionaries have been able to see them. We were able to get in, and Sister M pretty much committed him to go to church this Sunday. He said he couldn't because he had to work (painting homes) and he didn't have a tie. He told us that if it rained on Sunday, he would come. So we all knelt down to pray and each one of us (4 kids, 2 adults, 2 missionaries) offered individual prayers asking for Heavenly Father to make it rain. Then on Saturday we put a nice tie on his door and said, "Nos vemos en la iglesia!" AND THEN IT RAINED. Sister Martinez and I were so happy.

Hermano Flor didn't come to church. However, we are positive that that was the sign he needed. It was also the sign I needed.

I know that it was probably supposed to rain already and it was a very natural event. However, I also know that God is in each of those things. I know that Heavenly Father knew it was going to rain. I knew that somehow, He was in that.

I am starting to love this more! I've been hesitant to say that because it has been hard. But I am growing to love these people and this work. I feel myself growing more and more everyday.

Next week is Memorial Day (WOO!) so we will not be online! However, we will have our Pday on Tuesday. I hope you all have a wonderful week, and I will talk to you again on Tuesday!

Con amor,

Hermana Abram


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