Tuesday, October 13, 2015

This Week in the GNAM

Hello all!

It seems like this week was very successful! We were immensely blessed with a member referral and we began teaching the whole family. We taught them The Restoration and invited them to baptism, which the mother and children accepted. But it was amazing to see that after months of praying and working to teach a family, Heavenly Father
finally put one in our path.

On Monday we were practicing how to give church tours. As we were finishing up, we saw a woman standing outside, so we opened the door for her. It turns out that she was not a member and was looking for the a Family History Center. We gladly showed her the FHC and then we offered to give her a tour of the church!  Not only were we able to practice, but she really enjoyed it. She truly did not know that we believed in Jesus Christ, and she told us things like, "Now, you all have changed some of your beliefs because I don't think you believed in Jesus Christ fifty years ago." It was a huge blessing because she seemed much more open to the Church and the Gospel, and she was very appreciative to understand more of who we are.

On Saturday, we began trying to work in Marietta. There hasn't been a lot of work down there, so we are starting from scratch! We caught a ride down there from other missionaries and we had no car! It was actually really not productive for us because we only encountered Brazilians. But Sis Ayala and I were walking around pretending to speak Portuguese. Turns out the only thing we know how to say is "Temos uma mensagem sobre Jesus Cristo para compartiliar com voces" and I think all of that is actually wrong. Everyone said yes to a return appointment, it was wonderful! But at one point we asked the Portuguese Elders to come show us where a referral was. When they did, they ended up finding and teaching a family on the way back to their car. So it was really cool to see how the Lord helped people find the gospel through us!

Love you all so much :) The gospel is true and being a missionary is the best.

Sister Abram

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