Saturday, June 4, 2016

Birthdays, bikes, transfer calls, and Elder Holland

December 14, 2015
image4.JPGThank you thank you THANK YOU for all the birthday love! Seriously, this was the most amazing birthday yet, and I will tell you why momentarily! First, I wanted to share that it still has not yet hit me that I am 20 but that's okay. I will now give you a play by play of my week: 

Monday: everything fell through and we found no one to teach. But oh man we were excited to work tomorrow. 
Tuesday: we started using bikes!! We biked lots of miles on Tuesday and then on our way to an appointment with a new family to teach, we locked our keys in the car while putting the bikes on the rack. Oh man, it was insane. We biked all over Buford looking for phones to borrow and a way to get a spare car key. But the Dixons came to our rescue and we were able to get back into our car and apartment before 9pm. 
Wednesday: I got reeeeally sick this day and we tried so hard to go out and it was not working. The assistants called this day, as well. Turns out I am training again! Round 2! My new companions name will be Sister Bailey from Utah and I am quite excited! I will definitely miss Sister Ray, though. It has been an amazing transfer with her. 
Thursday: after receiving a priesthood blessing, my body quickly recovered and we hopped back on our bikes and biked Gainesville! Oh man, it was so fun. We met so many people. I also learned that being on bike teaches you many lessons about life-- like how to rely on the Lord for strength, perseverance, and humility. 

Friday: Elder Holland came to visit the women in 9 stakes in greater Atlanta, our stake included! We watched the broadcast and man I learned so much. Elder Holland is such a wonderful speaker and very full of the spirit. I wish I could share all I learned. Here are some things: 

God loves broken things. He asks that we come to Him with a broken heart and a contrite spirit. So sometimes we have to sacrifice and it's very painful. But the amazing thing about the gospel of Jesus Christ, is that everything will be made right and given back to us in a restored form as we sacrifice for the Lord. Elder Holland said, "whatever you are worried about, it's already fixed. You just have to wait." How beautiful is that! If we have faith, repent, make covenants like baptism by the proper authority and rely on the Holy Spirit for the remainder of our lives, every single little thing will be made right. And that's why I'm on my mission! Because, these people need to be found!!

I learned many other things from Elder Holland, but I may have to just share them in tidbits as the weeks go on. 

Saturday: Elder Holland came to meet the missionaries! Holy cow, how cool was this! A living apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ looked me in the eye and shook my hand. Here are some things I learned from him then: 

Don't miss a moment. Sometimes we think that this is something we can just check off our list. But this is real life. This is preparing us for eternity. He explained that when we are converted and when we have the gospel of Jesus Christ in the marrow of our bones, that's when we teach with power and authority. That's when Heaven comes down and touches these hearts. That's when lives are changed. He challenged us to thrive from these "apostolic moments of your life." 

Ah! I wish I could express all I learned from him, but all I can say is that that meeting changed my mission. Maybe even my life. I am so privileged that he came to visit The GANM. 


Sunday: I got to give a talk on my birthday! I loved it. We were able to eat dinner with members who I cherish dearly, the Underwoods, and attend the Christmas concert by the Sugar Hill Stake. It was a wonderful day. Many personal, special moments happened to me yesterday that really showed me that my Heavenly Father loves me and He wants me here. 

This week has been the most insane week of my mission. From biking 32 miles, to being extremely sick. From having all our appointments fall through, to having tender moments with families. From Elder Holland visiting to training a new missionary this Wednesday. I don't know all the Lord has in store for this area or for me or for these people. But my heart has been extremely comforted all week, despite all the setbacks. 

Thank you again for the birthday messages. They mean so much to me! I am truly grateful to have all of you in my life. Thanks for making 19 the best, and now here comes 20! 

Con mucho amor, 

Hermana Abram 

Sent from my heart


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