Saturday, June 4, 2016

Milagros con miembros

30 November 2015

Feliz diciembre (almost) a todos! Durante esta semana, vimos tantos
milagros y el Señor nos bendijo en muchísimas formas :)

On Saturday, we visited the Martinez family. I told you last week
about the story with Elvia, how we found her sitting outside the
Martinez home and we began to speak with her about the gospel.
Although we had set up an appointment, she was not home. But the
Martinez family was not dismayed! They then gave us a referral for the
second time— their cousin Kevin who lived close by. They encouraged us
to visit him that day, but not before they gave us another referral

named Lorena. Then, they began talking amongst themselves and made the
decision to take us to visit Lorena, and asked us to visit Kevin while
they got the family ready. We happily sped on over to Kevin's home,
whom we had met the week beforehand. We told him that our message is
for everyone and we realized we hadn't shared it with him. I have
truly never seen someone receive the gospel so enthusiastically as I
saw with Kevin. His whole countenance changed as we shared about the
Book of Mormon, and he genuinely accepted us back to visit him next
week. We then happily returned to the Martinez family, who began to
cry when they heard the news. They had prayed once we left that he
would accept us, but they doubted he would. They then gathered
everyone together and drove us to Lorena's house.

We got to Lorena's home, but she wasn't there. Although discouraged,

their spirits were high. We thought they were taking us back to our
car, but they actually took us to visit two other friends in their
homes— Claudia and Concepcion. The Spirit was so strong as we taught
them, along with the testimonies of their friends, about Christ and
His Atonement. They accepted a return visit for next Saturday as well.
At the end of the visit, they ended up driving us to visit a less
active sister we had been trying to visit, and continuing to serve
with us.

I think this was the most miraculous day of my mission! I could not
believe how blessed we were. This is coming from a family who as their
own struggles, a father and husband who had almost lost his life to
cancer just months beforehand. How important are members in missionary


The attitude towards missionary work is changing drastically in this
branch, and it is so exciting to watch and experience. I am gaining
such a strong testimony of the extreme importance of members in this
work. It reminded me of Mosiah 18 in the Book of Mormon when we are

told in verse 21 that the followers of Christ had "hearts [that were]
knitted together in unity and love for each other (rough translation
from Spanish)."

My faith is increasing so much and I truly am so grateful to be out
here serving the Lord. Also, Christmas is coming up! Check out

Con mi amor,

Hermana Abram


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