Saturday, June 4, 2016

Life in Lainer

November 16, 2015

Buenas tardes a todos :)

This week has been so amazing. Being transferred was definitely the great fresh start I was looking for. I can say I am so happy, and everything just looks so bright and inviting. I got to finally start strong somewhere, and I'm starting running.

First of all, I love my companion Hna Ray. She is also from Colorado, and really, we are so different but we get along so well. She and I see eye to eye on many things and she is relatively new to the area as well, so we both have this white wash kind of fire inside of us. There are
things she has wanted to turn around and things I learned how to do that we are totally going to start rocking here. I'm really grateful for the time I was able to spend in Cumorah, because it taught me incredible things. Cumorah gave me the habits and the skills and the confidence I think I needed to come to Lanier and be the best Sister Abram for these people.

My first full day here, we were knocking on doors, and this woman named Maria opened. She gave us a funny look, but let us into her home. We began to talk with her and get to know her. The rest is a blur, but at some point, I felt inspired to ask her if she knew she was a daughter of God. Tears began to flow down her face and she poured her heart out to us. The most amazing part was being able to testify of the love Heavenly Father has for her, and truly feeling a connection with her. We have an appointment with her tonight, where we will teach her more about her Savior and His role in her life.

Honestly, the biggest thing to report is that I'm happy. Learning the language with your companion, not knowing the area or any of the people, and wanting to be able to work miracles really pushes you down to your knees so you can pray to find the guidance necessary. And somehow He always solves the things you can't seem to do on your own.

I have finally moved to the South! This was the Georgia I was expecting, the Georgia I didn't see while living in Roswell! There are so many trees, the sky is amazing, and everything is so beautiful. The Church members are shocked I speak Spanish and they cook really well :)

Love you all! Have a wonderful week, and don't forget to pray :)



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