Monday, June 1, 2015

"Thus we see that the Lord worketh in many ways to the salvation of his people."

There aren't too many words to say this week. 

As many of you know, Sister Barnard and Sister Beckstrom from this mission were in a very bad car wreck on Friday evening. Sister Barnard passed away and Sister Beckstrom remains in critical care in the hospital.

Sister Beckstrom and I were good friends from the MTC, and we both came out together. Sister Barnard trained one of my other good friends that I came out here with. 

When we heard the news, we were at a missionary activity where we watched "Meet the Mormons" with a few investigators and many branch members. Even during times of extreme heartache, the work must go on. I will forever be grateful for the tender mercy the Lord showed us next. 

One of our investigators was at the activity. We have been praying very hard for her to receive confirmation regarding the truth of the restored gospel. When we went back in the room, she began crying and told us that she feels this is where she belongs, and she felt something tell her this is true. 

This experienced reminded me of a story in the Book of Mormon, where the Lamanites are converted to the knowledge of the truth and begin to call themselves the Anti-Nephi-Lehies. They bury their weapons and covenant/promise to never shed blood again. Then, their enemies the Lamanites (those who did not convert) come to kill them out of anger. The Anti-Nephi-Lehies bow down in prayer, and trust in the Lord, regardless of the outcome. Many of them are killed by the Lamanites, and offer no resistance. Yet some of the Lamanites see their example of trust in the Lord and their hearts are touched and they join the Anti-Nephi-Lehies in prayer. 

Then the Book of Mormon offers this comforting message: 

"And it came to pass that the people of God were joined that day by more than the number who had been slain; and those who had been slain were righteous people, therefore we have no reason to doubt but what they were saved. And there was not a wicked man slain among them; but there were more than a thousand brought to the knowledge of the truth; thus we see that the Lord worketh in many ways to the salvation of his people."

Sister Barnard and Sister Beckstrom are some of the best people I have met. I have no doubt that the Lord will smile upon them with joy as they finish their missions here in this life. I also saw how the Lord blessed another child of His with the confirmation of the Spirit. That is how I know this is the Lord's work. 

I love you all. So much. Please be safe, and please, always trust in the Lord. 


Sister Abram 


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